mercoledì 25 aprile 2012

My biggest passion: Animals!

In Italy, if you ever eyed the library or the newspaper kiosk shelters, you might have noticed million of books and journals about cats and dogs but no more publications about all the other animals. Quoting a famous king "After the National Geographic, the deluge..."...:-( No more "Airone" (now a rough draft of the uninteresting "Focus"...) nor other journals about the environment and its organisms. That's AWFUL!! I've been living with cats and dogs since I was 6 and I love them passionately but I do adore also all the others, from the gigantic whale to the microscopic spider, from sperm whales to ants, from snakes (have u ever stroked a snake in the wild?? thanks to Todd, a dear US friend and collegue, I did!! it was a female Boa constrictor and I found out her charming colors and her skin's softness. As u can see, I'm still alive...:-) to skorpions and DO wish I could still have a look at smart journals with amazing photos and enlightening articles.

Did u notice the 2 whales of my list up here? I didn't quote them at random...For almost 15 years I studied whales & dolphins in the Med (Oh yeah, there are whales in the Mare Nostrum!!) and in other oceans but sofar things have been changing a lot and there are not many projects to join. Therefore my huge passion for animals changed in something new: no more (or just a bit) in front of a laptop analysing data but more and more ofter face to face with a sewing-machine...

After such a long time, my creativity came back strongly and got the upper hand of me as I eventually let it do!! That's how my Animal Shoppers came from, shoppers dedicated to all the animals, from the most knows and beloved to the less known and, so often slandered. I made a list of the animals I want to reproduce with materials but it's soooo long: let's start with those u can see in the pics. And, with the Animal Shoppers, I'm engaging in a new adventure: this blog. "Oh Gosh, another one.." you may think and u are definitely right as in the net there are tons and too often they just come from egocentrism and narcissism...

But, in addition to the condivision of my handmade passions (knitting, crochet, sewing, paper-pulp and so on), the aim of my blog will be putting the attention on some issues that, even if already known, are still ignored by the majority of the people. Some of u may thing "That's boring!!" but my passion and love for not human animals is also this: spread, spread, spread as many information as I can to try to change our wrong habits.

Welcome to all the people who would like to follow me sharing her/his knowledge on this blog!!

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